About Us

Akruthi Interiors through 7years of practice have opportunity to experiment and test the numerous methods of design. AKRUTHI Interiors focuseson the experiential and inspirational aspects of architectural space, thusdeveloping modern, contemporary environments. We stand for a clear design where the form has been worked out in all its details.

The Work of AKRUTHI Interiors shows a variety of assignments with key words as: openness, clarity, order, material use and details. Just like the relation between interior and exterior these terms are inextricable connected to each other.

We strive to make a significant contribution to thediscipline of architecture; continue to develop our qualities with respect to design, technology, knowledge and management and to be a specialist in public network projects. For each of our projects we aspire after a seamless andoptimal translation of the identity and wishes of the future users.Byintroducing our creativity, professionalism and practical experience, and inclose communication with the client, we convert this concept into built work.

We always try to achieve high quality details, especially given we know that this will be worth more over time. High quality details may require a higher initialinvestment, but a small amount at the time of construction generates higherworth in the future. Quality in the design process is also very important. Making the right decision at the right time leads to better buildings. AKRUTHI utilizes its knowledge about process and further experience to support the client. We have our own quality control systems where necessary.

Our Clients